Thursday, April 13, 2006

Only Because You're Cute - Part 2 (Posted on MySpace 04/13/06)

Only Because You're Cute - Part 2

I just realized something. Not only have I received special/extra attention from people because I'm cute, I give it out as well. I was a little down yesterday, pretty bummed out. I didn't feel like being around people, I just needed some "me" time (however I would have settled for some spoiling or affection). After sitting on the lake front for about an hour, I had to use the bathroom. LOL. And realizing that it was almost 5pm and I hadn't eaten anything all day, I decided to go to a restaraunt. So I went to Bar Louie's and as I came out of the restroom, I was greeted with the cutest smile, one that I'd recognized from dining at this restaraunt before. The smile turned out to be my waiter, and each time he came to my table, he had that same cute smile on his face. He never flirted, never asked if anything was wrong, but that smile really made me feel so much better. I ended up giving him more than twice the tip that I generally give (only because he was cute), and I'm a generous tipper. I also left a note thanking him for brightening my day, then went back to the lakefront until it got dark.
How many of you have actually GIVEN special attention only because some one was cute?


  • SyLinda Menafee
    Spring probably had something to do with too!
      5 years ago
    • G. Smooth A.K.A. Mr. 7 …
      You know it's karma and human nature.  We can't help it sometimes.  I know I do it sometimes without even knowing it.  There's nothing wrong with doing things just because a person is cute. It only hurts when you are doing it for personal gain.
        5 years ago

      Wednesday, April 12, 2006

      Only Because You're Cute (Posted on MySpace 04/12/06)

      Only Because You're Cute

      How far do looks get you in life these days? I mean really, I've been places and done things where I feel I've gotten special or extra attention because of my looks, and I've often times heard "only because you're cute". As a matter of fact, I heard that today. It's definately an ego booster, but it's not something that I'd be willing to take advantage of. However there are some women who get through life "only because they're cute". Look at that reality show "Beauty and the Geek". Those women were very pretty (well, at least the producers thought so) but they were not smart at all. However each of them were very sucessful in some way. What do you guys think? How far have your looks gotten you?


      • G. Smooth A.K.A. Mr. 7 … Being cute on a womens stand point is definitely a plus and advantage sometimes.  If you have beauty and brains, thats a valuable asset and can be used to your benefit.  Sounds fucked up but it's reality.  For a man, it may only get you some extra attention and maybe a few extra nights in bed with women but hell, where the cash at?  That shit rarely works for us in the work force unless it's a bunch of horny ass old women hiring.
          5 years ago