Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rock Teacher

I was in class Thursday night, and we were doing this leadership exercise that took us back to our childhood. We talked about what we did, what we read, what we watched on TV, and who we looked up to. It's a pretty general consensus that we all read Highlights, watched Saved By the Bell, and looked up to our bestfriend's mom. But when I said I use to play Rock Teacher, everyone in the class gave me this "hunh?" look. Was that game only played on my granny's porch? Is it specific to the kids from 86th/Blackstone? Hmmm...

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's officially here!

Christmas has officially arrive in the home of LaSondra. I absolutely LOVE Christmas. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! Why?

10. WLIT 93.9 - They play all holiday music, all day, everyday. And I never get tired of it. Ok maybe sometimes, but it's rare. It's already started. I Love Christmas music.

9. Food - Mom puts her foot in everything she makes. I love the food.

8. Gifts. Not so much the receiving of gifts because I've always been a giver. But every child always gets that ONE gift that just makes them go crazy. I love to see the reactions.

7. Tradition. We always have family dinner on Christmas Eve. Uncle Bill and Aunt Theresa are always gonna be late, even if dinner is at one of their houses. lol. But traditionally, each family receives a candle to take home and burn at night from Christmas Eve on into Christmas day. This represents the importance of continuing to let the Light shine not just on Christmas, but at all times, remembering that Jesus is the Light of the world. I love tradition.

6. It's a holiday. And coming from a very close-knit family, holidays are always so warm and fuzzy. I love my family.

5. I love sitting around my parent's living room with my sis, aunts, uncle, granddaddy, all my cousins, and all the family friends, singing Christmas carols like we're on stage at the Chicago theater performing for a crowd of thousands. On my Dad's side of the family, EVERYBODY sings or plays an instrument, and if you don't do either, I'm ante-ing up for a DNA test. I love singing.

4. Kidd/Smith originals. Coming from a musical background, when we get together (for any holdiay) we always make up original songs. Whether it be the comical "12 Days of Christmas", or the the spiritual "Jesus is the Reason for the Season", we always have a blast writing and singing original Christmas carols (we will be heading to the studio to put our stuff on wax soon. Look for it). I love creativity.

3. Sheer entertainment. My little cousins never cease to amaze me when they perform their Christmas talents. But no one has topped Staci's suprising rendition of Aaliyah's "Rock the Boat" a while back when she was like...6? lol. I love the kiddies.

2. Granddaddy - My Granddeddy (yes I said GrandDEDDY, not GrandDADDY) turned 85 this year. He doesn't get excited about much these days, and he pretty much only lives just to see if he'll see another day. He's been this way for at least a year now.
But to see him on see the joy he has being with all his children and grandchildren around the dinner table...that's something to cherish. I love Granddeddy.

1. It's the celebration of Christ's birth! Often times, people shorten the word Christmas by taking the "Christ" out and replacing it with and X. Last year, you could walk through an entire shopping mall without seeing the word Christmas anywhere because everything said "X-mas" or Holiday. I love remembering that with out Christ, there is no CHRISTmas.

Monday, November 10, 2008

6. Re-arrange my bedroom

#6 on my "101 in 1001" is to re-arrange my bedroom furniture, and with a little help, I finally got it done. I had some reservation about putting my bed in front of the window. Not because of any superstitions, but because I LOVE sunlight, and I didn't want to block any of it with my headboard. In addition, the window (a bay window) houses candles and 2 vases that I fill with my favorite flowers (peruvian lillies) from time to time. But I tried it anyway, and instead of keeping my bed and dresser on opposite walls, I put them on adjacent walls and freed up SOOOO much space in my room. So now I will be shopping for an additional piece of furniture for my bedroom, maybe a tall bookshelf or a big comfy chair, and another Annie Lee or 2 to add to my small collection.

Task complete!

61 - Cut my relaxed hair and go natural (whew!)

The Mission : Complete 101 pre-set tasks in 1001 days.

This task is complete, but I'm not exactly sure when. Transitioning my hair back to its natural state has been quite the task. I've had my share of bad hair days. I've experienced the frustration of straightening naps, breaking combs, and being late for meetings. But I must say, my natural hair is longer and more healthy than my relaxed hair ever was. I don't regret it one bit, even though there are times when I'm tempted to throw some no lye on it. No lie. lol. Let me also throw in that very few people have seen my hair in its natural stage in the last 6 months (that sweet Jesus for advancements is hair weave. It's so convenient. Hallelujah! LOL).

#61 - Cut my relaxed hair and go natural (whew!). Task complete!

87 - Create a list of my all-time favorite music artists

My all-time favorite artists and favorite album and song (no particular order):

1. Tweet - Southern Hummingbird, "Best Friend" and "Beautiful"
2. Erykah Badu - Mama's Gun, "Orange Moon"
3. Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, "Nothing Even Matters"
4. Chrisette Michele - I Am, "If I Have My Way"
5. Corinne Bailey Rae - Corinne Bailey Rae, "Breathless"

1. Israel New Breed - Live From Another Level, "Another Breakthrough"
2. Richard Smallwood - Healing: Live in Detroit, "Be Open"
3. James Hall - Live from New York at Lincoln Center, "Hold To God's Unchanging Hand"
4. Tremaine Hawkins - All My Best to You, "Potter's House"
5. William Smith, Jr. & the Renewed Voices for Christ - He Reigns, "You Are"

I don't listen to a lot of rap but my favs are Biggie (Ready to Die vs Life After Death, idk) and Jigga (Blue Print vs Black Album, idk)

Task Complete.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

66. Pray that at least 1 of them gives their life back to Christ

#66. in my "101 in 1001" is to pray that at least 1 of the 10 people I listed in #65 gives their life back to Christ.

My prayers have begun.

James 5:16 (Part B) says, "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" (KJV). The New Living Translation says, "The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results." I am believing God that some one is gonna be saved!

65. Create a list of 10 people I love and invite them to church

#65 in my "101 in 1001" is to create a list of 10 people I love and invite them to church.

I've created my list. Some of these people I invite to church fairly often. Actually...MOST of them I invite to church fairly often. There are actually only 2 people on the list who I think I've never invited. Only 2 of the 10 have ever come when I invited them. Now, I'm not the "beat-you-over-the-head-with-a-Bible" type, but I am going to keep inviting each of them, at least until the give church a try. Maybe not MY church, but SOMEbody's Christian church.

Friday, November 7, 2008

MY country 'tis of thee...

I've been thinking a lot about President-elect Obama and the task he has ahead of him. And while he won the popular vote across the States and is being celebrated all over the world, there are some HATERS who expect him to fail, so much so they are probably willing to contribute to his downfall. Just as bad are the Obama
"supporters" who maybe didn't vote, or who plan to sit back and "see what he do"

Well, for those "supporters" who were just on the bandwagon, your ride has come to an end. And if you are not really in support of the Obama administration, if your allegiance isn't truly dedicated to this sweet land of liberty, move on out the way so that we brave citizens can contribute to building on our nation's heritage - indivisibly, and under God's guidance - and let freedom ring with liberty and justice for all.

With that being said, short of inlisting in the army, what are you plans for making this nation a better county?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Look of Education

So, while I was getting my oil changed, there was a young man, maybe 23 or 24 years old, chattin' it up with the chick who was checking my fluids and tire pressure. I couldn't see him from where I was sitting, but eventually, he joined me in the waiting area. I could tell he was waiting on me to make eye contact with him so he can get in some conversation, but I was deep into the special Obama section in today's Tribune. When he removed the hood from his head, I noticed he had a fresh hair cut. Nice lining. And a slight sparkle coming from his left ear. My car was the only car in the garage, so he wasn't a customer. And he didn't have on a LubePro jacket, but he did appear to have on "work clothes" so I took him to be a shade tree mechanic who might have been waiting for a job application or something. As soon as he got half a glimpse of eye contact he smile with much pride, and a nodding head, and said, "Obama"

Funniest thing all day. I swear. And I laughed with him. He mentioned that he considered saying it to the White boy who just left, and I proceeded to engage him in conversation on how "Black" didn't get Obama elected and "Black" is not gonna be the basis of his great leadership. But that's another blog.

Anyway, he asked me, "What college you go to?" A bit puzzled by the question, I looked down at the "Roosevelt University" hoodie I was wearing and responded, "What college DID I go to? I graduated from the U of I in Champaign, but I go to Roosevelt now." He then commenced to tell me how educated women have a certain "look" and how he could tell that I was educated. Amused, I pulled up my torn jogging pants and tied my Ones so the strings would get dirty from the rain water, and I lent him my ear.

Note: I was wearing a green hoodie. Old Air Force Ones. And old jogging pants. Jogging pants so old there was no more elastic around the ankles and the hem was ragged, torn, and cut up on each pant leg. My hair was pulled back, natural, with some mousse, giving it a curly 'fro look.

"Yeah I can tell. Cuz you 'on got no tracks hangin' all outcho head and them long fingernail. I can tell." I smiled and laughed so more. "Overall, I think you are attractive though. I think you cute." He smiled a bright smile (note the pearly whites on a dark guy, straight teeth too), I smile and thanked him, then check my email from my phone to avoid further conversation.

A couple minutes later he asked, "would I be doing too much if I asked for your number?" Flattered, but not suprised, I smiled again and responded, "It wouldn't be too much because it doesn't hurt to ask, but I'm not interested." Then he told me how he doesn't hear that much (guess he's not use to rejection). But I smiled again and told him to have a good day.

So, my fellow blog readers. In your opinion, does education have a "look"? If so, what does it look like?

Under New Management

There is a LubePro where I'd been getting my oil changed for a little over a year. When I first started using their service, I felt the young men who worked there thought I was some bourgeois b*tch. I always got my oil changed on the clock, so I was usually in a hurry. I never wanted to get out the car. I had on business clothes. Plus I usually completed paper work or made phone calls while I was waiting. Even with my brightest, most friendly smiles (I love to smile. I smile at just about everyone), I felt I gave off this VIP aura or something. They would "yes ma'am" me, and "excuss me miss" me to death! Maybe I just LOOKED like some one important. IDK. Eventually, all that formality lightened up. Whereas it seemed they use to hate to see me coming, they began to greet me by name, with a smile, and engage in small talk with the slightest bit of flirtatious humor, all while giving me the most efficient 10-minute lube service ever (checked my air filter, tire pressure, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, etc). I loved it. And I made it my business to get there every 3,000 miles. Imagine my disappointment a few months ago when I went to get my oil change and saw that they were closed. Not for the day, but closed for business. A month or so later, I saw that they were open again, so when I went to get my oil changed today, I made it my business to get back over there, only to be further disappointed by the new management. New faces. New procedures. And a new WAIT time. I was there 30 minutes. And the disappointment was immense. While the service was friendly and throrough, I won't be going back there anymore.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Is Racism Dead?

The events of Novemeber 4, 2008, have been beyond history-making. The results of this election have been so influential, not only to African Americans, but to people of all kinds, all over the world. So much so, I'm fixing my mouth to say that Barack Obama has become president of the world. And yes this is a major accomplishment in this history of Blacks, from slavery, to civil rights, and all the way to the White House. But is this simply another milestone in our fight for equality? Is it true that Republicans have become the new Klan (T in That New Ish)? Or has racism really come to an end?

Your thoughts.

Pics from around the world.

Obama's Step-Grandmother in Kenya

Elementary school Obama attended in Indonesia












Martin Luther King Jr's sister in Atlanta



Times Square


Monday, November 3, 2008

What the DUFF?

I stole this post from Love Is A Minefield.

D.U.F.F. - Designated Ugly Fat Friend

Apparently, every group of friends has a DUFF. Why? Because it makes the rest of the people in the group feel better about themselves. Is there any truth to this? Personally, I don't feel I have any ugly friends. All my girls are fly.