Wednesday, August 27, 2008

101 in 1001 Amendments

#34 - Clean out my work email
I am no longer employed. So this wannado is being changed to "clean out my comcast email"

#82 - Visit my friend in NJ
This friend now lives in California.

Working Hard or Hardly Working

After having taken a blogging hiatus to deal with trouble on the job, and then becoming conditioned to the peace that came with an iniquitous termination, LaSondra has returned to the blogosphere. Yay!

In 26 years of life, I pride myself on living with no regrets. Two weeks ago, I was discharged from a job of almost 3 years. Since then, I've had ample time to meditate on a number of things I do not regret...things I vow to live by until the day my body gives up the ghost and my soul spends eternity with my Savior.

(We'll call this a Top 10)

10. I will never stop asking questions.

9. I will always admit when I don't understand.

8. I will learn from mistakes - my mistakes and others' mistakes.

7. I will never dumb down my skills or abilities.

6. I will never stop learning.

5. I will strive to go further than what is expected.

4. I will not be afraid to reach for goals that are just beyond my reach.

3. I will always defend my worth and what I believe is true.

2. I will take advantage of all opportunities as they are presented.

1. I will free myself of working hard and chose instead to do the hard work.