Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chivalry - Dead or Alive? (Posted on MySpace 01/27/08)

  • Chivalry - Dead or Alive?

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    I went out with a gentleman this evening who was standing at my door when I came out, walked me to his car, opened the car door, and advised that he would be opening all doors for the rest of the evening. His courtesy and valor were outstanding, and I felt...valued and protected, such as a rare precious stone. Being Miss Independent Woman, I had gotten so use to doing everthing on my own that I'd forgotten chivalry ever existed. I've never been the type to be SO independent that I reject chivalrous acts, but I've always been independent enough not to rely solely on those acts. If a gentleman ever made attempts to open a door, I'd allow it, and thank him with each opened door. However if no such attempts were made, I'd do so myself and go on my merry little way.
    In this the 21st century, the most common referece to chivalry is that it's dead, but I challenge that the concept is unique to each who uphold its principles.So I ask, is chivalry alive within you? What does it mean? And how is it shown?

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