Friday, September 19, 2008

86 - Get an mp3 player

So I lucked up on an iPod Touch 3G and I absolutely love it! (outside of the fact that within a matter of hours my cat chewed up the $30 headphones that came with it). I love the smooth stainless steel shell. Love the ease of use with the flick of a finger. Love the graphics and the sound. Absolutely hate iTunes. The iTunes library can only be synched to ONE iPod. So when I want my lil bro to put music on for me, he can't do so without erasing everything that I already have on there. In addition, iTunes is expensive, thus leading folks to download music illegally from places like Limewire. Zune, on the other hand, has a service where you can download an unlimited amount of songs for one monthly fee (like $15/month). How cool is that?

Anyway. Task Complete.

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