Thursday, July 8, 2010

29. Go on 3 dates with the same guy

I included this task in my list for a couple reasons.
  • I tend be a bit stingy w/my time. It's the one thing I have that, once it's gone, I can never get back, and I absolutely hate when it's wasted and or disrespected. So it takes a lot of time and conversation before a guy can get me out. *Side note: It's funny how few guys are willing to put in the work.*
  • I lose interest very easily, and the moment a guy turns me off, I'm already on to the next, so it's not unusual for me to only go out with a guy once or twice.
Well! Over the past...hmmm...10 months or so, I've gone out with this one guy way more than 3 times, too many times to count. He's always the perfect gentleman (I mean I've had doors opened for me before, but never like this. 's something about that man), the conversation is always stimulating, and his company is always fun.

To satisfy your curiosity, no, he and I are not an item, and it's quite possible that we never will be one, at least not according to the societal standards. So yeah, I'm still single, not so willing to mingle, but I'd like to think I'm wise enough to see and acknowledge the Light of the world shining from the man God sends my way. In the meantime, I'm working on perfecting this good an "upright" (Job) kinda way :)

Task complete.


  1. Well said. We should celebrate for each task completed.

  2. We should. But that's 101 celebrations! Maybe we can celebrate for every 5 or for every 10.