Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm back again (again)

I'm back agin! Yes, again. The last time I stopped blogging and came back, my goal was to build up my following. And monitoring the number of hits to this page, I had a pretty decent following...quite a few faithful readers. But why should any of you read faithfully if I don't write faithfully?

Tea and Such has told me (more than once, I believe) to WRITE IT DOWN! However time and time again  I don't. But last night I had a convo that lead to a blog that I posted years ago. At the time I couldn't remember when or where I posted the blog, but i was lead to myspace (yes myspace), and found a number of blog posts there. Reading old posts and the responses got me itching to write again. So after I transfer all the myspace posts to this blog, I will be back at it again. so stay tuned.

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