Sunday, September 29, 2013

93 - Buy groceries for an elderly person in line

If you haven't already, read my 101 in 1001 post. 

After giving it some thought, last week I decided that I would spend $50 each week on groceries. Doing so would keep me on a budget, and decrease the amount of food that I throw out from buying too much at one time and having it spoil.

So I went to the grocery store after church this evening and was having a difficult time sticking to my budget. I told myself, "shop as though you only have a $50 bill and cannot go over." Just then, I saw a sale sign. 3 for $10 on the Ice Mountain water that I drink. I hadn't planned on buying water but I was running low on bottles at home. So I convinced myself that $10 over my budget was acceptable seeing as though I wouldn't have to buy water for a couple more weeks. 

By the time I finish shopping, I calculate that I've spent $57 before taxes. Clearly over my budget. At this point I'm thinking $50 a week just won't be enough. I get to the checkout counter and the cashier is ringing me up. Before I know it, he has charged me for my food AND the food of the person behind me, but I insist on paying for it. Guess how much it all cost? $63 and some change. I had planned on spending $50, plus $10 for water, and only spent $3 more than that and was still able to pay for the food of a stranger. She was highly appreciative and very grateful. 

It's nice to be nice. 

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