Monday, December 23, 2013


This message was in my Facebook inbox:
God put you on my heart this morning. I've been wanting to ask for your forgiveness for years for something I said to you when we were in 4th grade. We were at our desks in Ms. Kavanaugh's class. I don't remember what we were doing or why I was provoked to say this but, I said to you, "At least I'm not black". I remember making you cry and Ms. Kavanagh taking me out into the hall and then making me apologize to you. I have never forgotten that moment and wanted to apologize again after all these years. Please forgive me. In spite of it all, it's so amazing to see after all these years that we are sisters in Christ! Anyways, I trust that the Lord has been good and faithful to you. Praying all is well

God bless!

This was my response:
That was YOU?! No way! I certainly remember that day, but I guess I didn't remember those kind of details. I only remember how I felt being in a new school, having my first experiences with other races, and having my feelings hurt. I forgave you so long ago, even having not remembered who had hurt me. But thanks so much for apologizing. Yes, The Lord has been good and faithful to me my sister in Christ. You have really brightened my day. Blessings.

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