Monday, January 16, 2006

Instant Messaging (Posted on MySpace 01/16/06

  • Instant Messaging

    When I was in college, all I did was instant message, all day, all night. It became so serious that it was my number one form of communication. I talked to my mom on instant message, classmates, friends, and even significant others. Now, not only do I not have time to sit at a computer all day and chat, I've totally lost the desire to do so. Instant messaging is SO not the best form of communication. I mean, it's ideal for just getting to know people that you meet on MySpace, but for true interpersonal relationships, instant messaging sucks. Why? Because mere words can not express and convey all messages, especially between those who have connected on a level deeper than aquaintanceship (is that a word?). Feelings, emotions, and compassion are all essential components in expressing oneself in a significant relationship, and none of those things can be identified definately by reading words on a screen. I, personally, believe I ruined a significant relationship because our number one form of communication was AIM and MSN Messenger. I also think I diminished my ability to effectively communicate verbally. For so long, I hid behind a computer screen and I became so accustomed to hiding behind that screen that when it came down to face-to-face direct communication, I could barely hold a conversation. I couldn't open up and express my feelings. I had no compassion. Fortunately, God placed a special friend in my life who cared enough to point this problem out and now I can honestly see a difference in the effectiveness of my verbal communication. While I still am not the greatest at expressing myself and showing verbal compassion, I am now on a road that leads to the Emerald City of communication. Holla back. Let me know what you guys think.

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