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Pretty in the face. Thick in the Waist (Posted on MySpace 06/08/06)

Pretty in the face. Thick in the waist.

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Yeah, I'm pretty in the face and thick in the waist. But can some one please define for me the word we use to describe a person's physique, "thick"? At what point does "thick" become...big? I know women smaller than me who consider themselves thick, and I know women who are bigger than me who consider themselves thick. Does "thick" go from one waist size to another, like size 8 to size 12? Is thick determined by other bodily proportions (as long as the waist is smaller than the butt it's considered thick)? Is thick how a woman carries herself...what she wears? What is it?
When I use the work thick to describe a man...I'm talking about his arms are so big I need to use both hands and lock my fingers together to get my hands around them, but they are more firm than flabby. I'm talking about when I wrap my arms around his waist, there's enough room to fill my arms, but not so much stomach that it gets in the way of me catching a whiff of the cologn on his check. I'm talking about I can lay my head on his chest and rest with out drowning in flab.
What do you all think? Let me know.


  • Lawrence Malone I believe that its all in the way you are shaped can be 125lbs with a lot of meat in those good places and be considered doesn't matter how much meat you have its all where the meat is on your body
      5 years ago
    • Barramore
      Thick is in the eye of the person who is looking at the person who they think is thick.
      a better way to put it
      thick is in the eye of the beholder
      what i think as thick the next cat may think is fat or slinder. those words are all subjective to a person's upbring and expericne. if they grew up in a family of fit people vs a family of good eatin people will determin thier scale of skinny thick to fat.
      thick is a loaded word too. if a woman can wear a 18 dress but if she still has that da vinchi ratio, i forget what it is 1 to 1.13 something like that, then she can still be considered thick and not fat.
      meaning that she can be deamed overweight but if her hips jut out more then her stomach and her hips jut out more then her waist and her back and ass got that S on its face shape, then for the most part she would be considered thick.
      now if she is shapped like this 0

      thats a diffrent story all together
        5 years ago
      • HGSOUL "Thick" means something different to just about everyone.  For men in general, it's "big breasts, a slim but proportionate waistline (with not too much belly), and a big ol' butt."  The tricky part comes when you start trying to define "big"...  For me thick is when a woman's body is juicy but tight.  When she has meat on her bones, but it's not falling off the bone.  Thick, for me, goes all the way from the neck to the ankles. If she has no neck & big wide-ass tree trunk ankles, then 10 times out of 10, she's not thick; she's fat.  If she has "big" breasts, but a "Dan Connor from Roseanne" belly holding them up, then she bypassed "thick" a looong time ago.  The perfect kind of thick (for me) is Buffie the Body.  I call women like her "Stripper-Thick"  I've come across women in my life with bodies like hers.  I actually married a woman that, 10 yrs ago, would have put Buffie to SHAME!!!  But, I quickly found out that the outside should definitely balance with the inside...  Anyway, I have the pleasure of working with some thick women, and it's a very beautiful thing...  Pretty in the face is definitely a plus when determining a young lady's thickness, but it's not a requirement.  The right kind of thick can completely make up for an ugly mug!!! LMAO!!!!!
          5 years ago
          • G. Smooth A.K.A. Mr. 7 …
            Thick to me (in a female of course) is a woman that has some meat on her bones.  That means she is not skinny or slim.  Having a big booty or chest and skinny does not make you thick.  Being short and fat also does nto put you in the thick category.  Proportioned with weight, hips, ass (not booty) and a deceit cup size makes you thick.  It's in the legs too.  Usually too, tall woman are not usually thick unless....they fit the description mentioned above..And trust me...I know a couple.  ONLY a couple.
              5 years ago

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