Monday, June 12, 2006

Kid-free. That's the way to be (Posted on MySpace 06/12/06)

Kid-free. That's the way to be.

I read a blog today from a man who admits he is too selfish to date a woman with kids. He is very spontaneous and wants all of his woman's love and attention. He doesn't want to have to plan dates, cuddling, and sex around a child's bed time. From experience, many men who I deem to be "good" men, have similar thoughts around dating women with kids.
I can totally understand why men don't particularly care to have relationships with single moms (I've been told that men will sleep with them, but not commit to them), but I find myself feeling sorry for single women. If all men (or even most) think this way, are these women bound to live and die single...married only to their children? Are they bound to settle for less and end up in an unhappy marriage? Maybe they will give up men completely and hook up with each other.
I, and many other ladies I'm sure, have my reasons for not caring to date men with kids, but women seem to be more likely to date a man with kids than a man is likely to date a women with kids. Why is that?
Single parents, (particularly ladies) what is it like searching for true love? Do you search for a partner who also has kids?
Kid-free ladies? Who do/don't you date men with kids?
Kid-free men? Why do/don't you date women with kids?
Let me know.


  • Sexy & Single! Well I don't search for anyone, but if by happen chance I met someone before even meeting my child if he's not okay with the idea of a single mother, he can KEEP IT MOVING!!!
      5 years ago
      • Mrs. Divens
        Now that's what's up!!  To some degree it's being selfish if you think about it.  Those of you who do not have children and prefer to exclude dating those that do...that's cool, it's your choice. Now, if one day the tables were suddenly turned and you end up being a single would you feel about the situation then?  Some choose not to date those w/children because of baby mama/daddy drama, some don't like kids, etc.  I know first hand about baby mama drama and o
          5 years ago
      • Amber The major difference (this is not always the case) between a women with children and a man with children is that the man has the kids on the weekend maybe once a month while the women has them all the time. Its a lot easier to date a man with a baby because I may never see that baby and if I do it would only be for a few days at best. Men can detatch themselves from their children more easily than women can ( not saying that either should). I personally choose not to date men with kids because I'm selfish and I hate the idea of my man being attached to another woman for. Its not like I can tell a guy to stay away from his babies momma because to get to the baby you have to go through the momma. 
          5 years ago
        • maxine907 well yes, you could say that.. but i met a man at wealthymendotcom that was really a resemblance of a perfect guy for me.. he is a total gentleman, loving, caring and responsible though he has 1 kid.. but while we were dating, i went well with the kid and now he wants me to be his 'mom'..

          now that's what we call, marriage-awaits 
            5 years ago
            • LaSondra Kidd Do you want to have kids of your own? Does he want more?
                5 years ago
            • Barramore
              its in a woman's nature to be more accepting of kids. Woman are natural nutrurers. Plus a good deal of the time the man is not the primary care taker of the children.
              its much harder for a man to except a nother man's responsibilty. Its hardwired into us. its like i'm washing dishes and i didn't even eat.
                5 years ago

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