Friday, July 18, 2008

What's Good in the Hood? (July 18, 2008)

Today's temperature in the Chi reached the low 90s and, taking advantage of my flexible work schedule, I found myself on 87th & Cottage. No, I wasn't at the Foot Locker where eh'body in the hood gets their white tees, Ones, and Jordans. No, I wasn't at the Rainbow where all the hood chicks get their flip flops, fashion belts, leggings, and low rise jeans (see T's Top Ten on fashion trends). No, I wasn't at Rothschild, one of Chi-towns few chain liquor stores. I was at Target (my fav). The same Target where I saw a women trying to return a Chrismas tree that she had CLEARLY used because it was still decorated with lights and garland. I was waiting to do a baby registry at the customer service counter, and what do I see? Booty shorts (see T's Top Ten on booty shorts). Not only do I see booty shorts, but I also very clearly see booty cheeks. The killer part is that the chick was so pregnant, I darn near saw the baby's head peaking from under her booty shorts. As I get ready to shake my head in disgust, I turn to the pregnant teenager I had accompanying me, and she too has committed a fashion faux pas - wearing jeans that were too small for her 8 month belly, and her shirt wasn't large enough to hide the very visably unbuttoned button-fly. Yes, this is the same girl who just got 2 brand new maternity outfits from me 3 days ago. Apparently, in her hood (shout out to Roseland), faux pas is wearing the same pair of pants 2 days in a row, although I was careful to give her plain black maternity pants and plain denim maternity pants so that she COULD wear them mutilple times with out being too obvious. Because I love her so dearly, I waited until we left the store (less than 5 min later because the baby registry was out of order) before I explained to her that open fly jeans in public is not acceptable. What's REALLY good in the hood?


  1. Not even ten minutes after reading this blog, I was looking at the cameras at the polish stands here by my job and three chicks were coming from the club in some blue jean "drawz" as they should have been called. One girl did something and all we saw was booty!! And not one single one of them were skinny!!! NONE!. They would be called 'thick' but definitely not skinny. I could not believe that they would go out like that. They have might as well been the little lace boy shorts underware. When will these chicks learn?

  2. not only is it not safe for viewers, that CAN'T be safe for the baby. can it?

  3. That's disgusting! Folks should just make copies of my top 10 and inadvertently drop them in front of people who need to read them. Ick!