Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy (late) Thanksgiving

I haven't been blogging much lately because I was planning the first annual "Save Our Children...Save Our Future" Gospel Showcase (which, by the way, was a huge success). But here's the post that would have come on Thanksgiving.

While I've always been taught that every day is a day of thanksgiving, I've decided this year to be especially thankful for the things I DON'T have :)

9. A job. Not working has allowed the opportunity to take a few steps towards some personal goals. Steps that I would not have otherwise been able to take while working.

8. An eviction notice. I've been off work 3 and a half months and I still have my own.

7. A gas bill. I've seen the gas bill at my parents' house and at the church. I'm soooo glad my cooking gas and heat are included in my rent.

6. Poor health - specifically diabetes. I'm not the HEALTHIEST eater, but I'm not a very UNhealthy eater either. I can't imaging having to limit my sugar intake with so much detail as grapes per day, or having to chose a meal over a glass of wine.

5. A lot of debt. This time last year, I paid off my Victoria's Secret card, New York and Company card, and Capital One card, and I've kept the balance off since. With the acception of student loans and a car note, I have reletively no debt.

4. Loser friends. All of my friends may not have a degree, a nice job, car, or house, but all of them are doing something with their lives. All of them are career oriented and have goals (no matter what level). And none of them am I ashamed to say are my best friends. TTWBU!

3. A disfunctional family. I will admit, my family has it's share of issues, as does any family, but I thank God for some functionability. It's pleasing to know people say I act like my mom sometimes, and other times like my dad.

2. A baby-daddy. Lord KNOWS I'm thankful for that. Even when I marry and have kids, I plan to have a husband who will be a great father. Not a baby-daddy.

1. A White president. Selah.

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  1. @ # 7, that's what I said I was thankful for when we went around the table on Thanksgiving. YAY for heat included in rent!!!