Wednesday, March 8, 2006

How to ask a woman out (Posted on MySpace 03/08/06)

  • How to ask a woman out

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    I signed on to MySpace just a minute ago, and there was a message in my inbox from a guy I didn't recognize that simply said, "Let's go out". I'm like "what?"...trying to scroll down and look for the rest of the e-mail, but there's nothing there. I'm scratching my head, trying to figure out, "what is this?" So I go to the guy's page and he's a 17 yr old from Chicago, claiming a rap group called Good Fellaz. He smokes, drinks, makes $100,000 - $150,000 each year, and all he is about is "making money, making music, and making it happen". Let me also note that there was very little use of accurate punctuation and grammar on his page.
    I really don't know how I feel about this guy, or many of the other guys that try to get at me on a daily basis. Am I supposed to be flattered by the fact that this guy is trying to take me out? Should I be impressed by the way he presents himself to the world on MySpace? Am I supposed to be turned on when I hear comments such as "Damn shawty, you sexy as hell" when I go in and out of stores?
    On one hand, I want to be flattered that men, only some of them like the ones mentioned above, are attracted to me. But I don't always know how to react when a man walking down the street with baggy clothes, rough facial hair, and a cigarette in his hand, approaches me in my business casual get-up, and asks me for my number or tries to give me his. Despite the fact that I smile and give them a "no thank you", am I wrong for being appalled and sometimes disgusted at their thoughtless attempts? Am I stuck up or a bitch because I don't want to give them the time of day? (I usually don't have the time). Do some men not understand that it takes more than a cheap compliment to get at women these days? Or is it just me who wants to know things like "what do you do for a living?" "where do you live?" "who do you live with?" "Do you have kids?" "ARE YOU MARRIED?" "have you EVER been married?" "do you have any formal education?" "do you have a criminal record?" Grant it, some of these questions are kind of deep and personal, but honestly, these are the kind of questions that I no doubt ask a man in our first few conversations. I don't want to waste my time, or a man's time for that matter, getting to know someone, only to find out that he has an ex-wife and 3 kids around the corner if that's something I know I'm not interested in.
    ANYWAY. Ladies, let me know how you feel about the way people who take a liking to you approach you. Fellas, let me know what you're thinking as you approach a woman who catches your eye. Everybody, agree, or disagree, with my thoughts and feelings mentioned above.

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