Wednesday, September 6, 2006

I smell TOO good! (Posted on MySpace 09/06/06)

I smell TOO good.

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Ok so...I got sent home from work TAKE A FREAKIN' SHOWER!!! Aparently, the mandatory training I attended this morning at a different office was in a facility that is "fragrance-free" meaning employees are to come to work "fragrance free". According to a flyer that was later given to me, "perfumes and scented body products can cause debilitating symptoms for those with heightened sensitivity and allergies. Exposure to even small amounts of fragrances can be life theatening and cause skyrocketing blood pressure and heart palpitations, migraines, blurred vision, loss of equilibrium and flu-like symptoms...Frangranced products include: perfumes, colognes, aftershave lotions, hair sprays, hand and body lotions, and deodorants"

Now, I can understand a company wanting to make accomodations for the people they employ, but come on now. Is it fair that EVERYONE else be forced to change their daily habits (using scented soaps, deodorants, lotions, etc), to accomodate to one employee (as far as I know, it's only one). Was I really sent home from work because I smelled good?

For some one who has this extreme sensitivity to perfumes and scented products, what do they do when they go to the grocery store? Does the store manager send all of the shoppers home to shower? Seems like people like this should work in a hospital or something. I mean really. I don't want to sound insensitive, but I think I kind of feel discriminated against. And I have to go back to this place 2 more days. My soap is scented, my deodorant is scented, my lotion, powder, and laundry detergent. Plus I use fabric softener!

Tell me people. Am I over reacting? Or is this some real BS?


  • G. Smooth A.K.A. Mr. 7 …
    That's crazy.  People like that don't belong in a office setting where there will be other's.  Or, he/she should wear one of those face masks for their own safety.  That's a first for me. 
      5 years ago

    • Mrs. Divens Whomever that person is needs a "work from home" job...that is ridiculous!!
        5 years ago

      • SyLinda Menafee Are they serious!? HA! That is insane. You should go back super musty and smelly. I would like to know their policy for B.O. Wow, G. So did you buy all new stuff or are you just going to try toning down the body spray, lotion, etc?
          5 years ago

          • LaSondra Kidd It isn't MY office that's "frangrance-free", it's one of the agency's other locations. I only have to go there one more day. I went back today with only my scented deodorant and baby powder. I didn't get sent home so I guess that was fine.
              5 years ago

          • Hahahahahaha...this is definately the funniest thing I've heard all week
              5 years ago

            • Sexy & Single! Sis, I think this was so BS. Like you said why should you change your lifestyle to accomodate one person. If they are that freakin sensitive, they should be in a bubble.(LOL). 
                5 years ago

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