Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My life depends on it. (Posted on MySpace 11/11/06)

My life depends on it.

I think I often times give advice that I need to take myself. For instance, I just told a friend that his life depends on his faith. I don't know WHERE that came from, but that's what I told him. I guess you can say the Spirit told me to say that. After I said it, I thought about it, and I said to myself, "My life depends on my faith...My life depends on my faith...My life depends on my faith." And while I've always considered myself to be one of good faith, I believe my faith has grown weak because I've found myself fearful. But one who walks in good faith in the Lord fears nothing. For the absence of faith is the presence of fear. Hmmm....


  • SyLinda Menafee "The absence of faith is the presence of fear." That's the truth homie.
      5 years ago

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