Saturday, October 21, 2006

Club Style (Posted on MySpace 11/21/06)

Club Style?

Ok, so after I went to witness to people on the street...and after I went to revival...I wanted to do something else. It's Friday night and I'm looking good. I usually spend my Friday nights with my guy  but he's out playing poker with his homies. I don't wanna go home and spend my Friday night alone. So I'm trying to find something to get into. K is babysitting, R and L are on their way up north and I don't feel like driving that far. But later they call and tell me to meet them at a little spot in Dolton. I'm like COOL! It wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but it's something to do. I don't have to sit in the house looking good and being bored.

So I get there and as I'm scoping the place out, I see so many reasons why I absolutely cannot enjoy myself in a place like this. The personally of the joint was so out of wack with my personality and the reason I go to clubs. Point blank, I go to clubs to chill with my girls and dance to some good mixes (not to meet guys or exchange phone numbers, etc). But at this particular spot, that was impossible for me to do. It was extra dark, so I could barely see the faces of the people on the dance floor. Most of the music either made strong explicit references to sex (ie. "get it wet" and "p. poppin") or strong explicit references to violence (ie "whoop that trick" and "I aint never scared"). And when the DJ DID play a song I felt I could dance to (Beyonce for example), I was too concerned that some sweaty, grimey, intoxicated dude, with a cigarette in one hand and a cup of alcohol in the other, was gonna come grinding all up behind me. Then, when I took a toll (stereotypically) of the type of people that were there, I became even MORE concerned that the bouncer didn't even frisk us as we entered the building. This club atmosphere was so...not cool. I don't know any other way to say it.

Now, I'm not a big club hopper like a couple of my girls are, but I look at the few other clubs I've frequented in my few years of adulthood (one in particular), and the "type" of people I'm use to seem so opposite of what I experienced tonight. The women (for the most part) actually seem to have a little more respect for themselves (I say this based on the way the dress, the way they carry themselves, the way they dance, etc), and the men also seem to have more respect for the ladies. They actually ask the women to dance as opposed to just walking up to a woman and rubbing their intoxicated aroused penises against the women butt. The men actually buy drinks for ladies without expecting something in return. There is some LIGHT and I can see the faces of the people in the place. It is CLEAN and I'm not constantly stepping on things or trying to get stuff from being stuck on the bottom of my shoe.

What I experienced tonight was by far the worse club environment ever. Needles to say, I won't be returning.


  • SyLinda Menafee I totally understand where you are coming from. I went through a similar experience a few years ago and I haven't really viewed the club scene the same since then. You know that I'm not a "dressup girly girl," but even I was overdressed for that place! I don't do the club scene anymore, but I can appreciate where you came from in this one.

    I appreciate you coming out with the whole truth and reasons behind going out in the first place. Many people would have omitted the part about witnessing and going to revival first. We need transparency, because without it, there's little deliverance taking place.
      5 years ago

      • LaSondra Kidd Girl yeah, I'm not big on the club scene, but I like to dance and I like to be around people, so I hit a club from time to time. And I know there are ppl who are like "How she gone witness and go to revival then go to the club." It's true, the club scene isn't the best reflection of my Christianity, but I'm not ashamed of anything I did that night. I wore the SAME THING I wore to church that night. I wasn't dancing too provocatively (even though it takes very little movement to catch some men's
          5 years ago

      • Lee~Lee
        girl....i felt the same way...ya know i was like dang these niggas are serious in here..then let me tell you what happen and the reason my girl who bday it was didnt come in because the niggas that was parked beside her in the lot...girl they was tryin to stick her man and her up so they drove off...and R and myself seen these lames and they was jus to holla and then they tried to holla at the birthday girl while her man was in the car with her..then they was startin to talk mess and bday girl man said something ya know then she said the niggas through a hen bottle underneath the car and they thought they had a flat..but they didnt..they did drive off though so thats y they didnt come in..but thats grimey as ever...and on a sunday it wasnt even like that...the men are more respectful..offered to buy drinks..but that place was bad that night..and that was only my 3rd time there...i was ready to go when i walked in there.....and i should of said when they was like $10...lets bounce...holla
          5 years ago

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