Sunday, December 3, 2006

Interesting (Posted on MySpace 12/03/06)


I recieved a text today from a gentleman I use to date almost 2 years ago. My last date with him was around...Feb of 2005. The text said, "Hey remember me (name omited) gimme a call when u get a chance." I met this guy right before the super bowl, so if my last memory of him is late Feb, that means we dated for less than 2 months. We hung out a few times, but it was never anything serious. No relationship at all. As a matter of fact, I don't even think he knows my last name, that's how NOT serious it was. Since then, I've talked to him once around April, but I was no longer interested (I was never really interested in the first place) so the phone call was short and dry.

So fellas, why does a guy keep a lady's phone number for so long (I deleted his number around March...April at the latest)? Why does a man want to see a woman all of a sudden after such a long time (keeping in mind there was no relationship, and we rarely knew each other).

LADIES. How do you respond to such an unexpected contact? Should I be more concerned than flattered? Should I be more flattered than concerned? Should I give him the cold shoulder and forget he even contacted me?

BTW. I already know what I plan to do. I'm just curious what other people think. Let me know.


  • Sir I'm thinking he was looking through his phone, saw your number and had a little flashback. If thinks did not really end (not that they began at all) on a bad note, he might have thought, "Why not hit her up and see what's good?" I wouldn't do it, but diffrent strokes...
      5 years ago

    • Marcus Owens Hmm... I really don't know.  I have numbers in my phone now for ladies I haven't talked to in forever but I wouldn't call at this point.  There is really no reason to do so.  I'm just to lazy to go through my phone and delete all of the un-necessary numbers. LOL
        5 years ago

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