Sunday, December 3, 2006

Inhabitation (Posted on MySpace 12/03/06)


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In church today, Pastor reminded us that the Bible says, "God inhabits the praises of His people." To inhabit means to live or to set up residence. Thus, God LIVES in the praises of His people. God has an address, and His address is based on my praise. Whenever and wherever I praise Him, God will manifest Himself right then and there. It doesn't have to be in a church, temple, cathedral, synagogue, mosque, etc. It can be in the bathroom at work, in the car on theto the grocery store, on at the bank (Thank you Jesus)! God will set up residence right where you are! You don't have to wait til Sunday to "go to worship" because God will come to you when you praise Him. Just think about when and where you want your blessing, and praise the Lord right then and there.

This makes me think of another thing. Don't wait until you need a blessing before you praise the Lord. Praise Him for OTHER PEOPLE'S blessings. Praise Him for the blessing you know are ON THE WAY. One of my buddies just told me today that he got a job...a salary-based job, making almost as much as I'm making. It would have been easy for me to hate on him and think things like "How you get a job like that? You don't have experience in that field. You don't have a degree." But you know what? I am SO happy for him! Yall just don't know. And I praise and thank God for giving my friend FAVOR to  get a job that he may not have been qualified for. You would think I was the one with a new job that's how happy I am for him. Why? Because my blessing is on the way! (And so is yours).

Love ya!


  • Ms. Cass K Hey - God "qualifies" those He calls.  He doesn't always call the "qualified".  I am a witness!!! 
      5 years ago

    • Marcus Owens Wow! Thanks Nicci!  I really needed that!
        5 years ago

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