Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[not] To Do List

"...the most important decisions you make are not the things you do – but the things that you decide not to do.”
John Sculley, former CEO of Apple, as quoted on the Cult of Mac (October 14, 2010)
2011 is vastly coming to an end, and many people are racking their brains in search of the perfect "New Year's Resolution" - one that's not too simple, not to difficult, but one that will probably never be fulfilled. So what's the purpose? In lieu of falling victim to the NYR hype, I've decided to accept inspiration from Mr. Sculley and create a New Year's [not] To-Do list, effective immediately (Inspired by a post from an old post by my Urban Pastor).

  1. DO NOT have a 24hr period of non-productivity unless it's a pre-determined time frame...or unless presented with the opportunity to enjoy some wild spontaneous excursion. *In my Bernie Mac voice* "I'll do it, I swear I will."
  2. DO NOT set out to achieve goals w/out documenting them with clear objectives, a time frame, and a measurable outcome.
  3. DO NOT allow a calendar month to pass without reading a book, cover to cover.

What are some things on your 2012 [not] TO-Do list?

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