Sunday, December 12, 2010

Grown-up Christmas List

I could go on for days listing all the things I wanted for Christmas as a child, but as an adult, Christmas becomes so simple. It's always been about Christ (although most retailers "X" the Christ out and celebrate "X-mas"). And while we make our lists of things we want to get and things we want to give, my list this year is quite simple. Yeah, I want a better credit score. Yeah I want better pay. Yeah I want a better place to stay. I want BETTER! But if I had some sum up my wish list in one word, that world would be love. I want to give love and receive love. So whatever you give this Christmas, give it in love. And whatever you receive this Christmas, receive it in love

Now, while I'm working on my credit score, pay, and place to stay, I'm trying get a loving Wii for Christmas so I can play these games:

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