Monday, November 22, 2010

98. Buy make-up

See my 101 in 1001.

A lot of girls get excited about reaching age 16 and being able to wear make-up. I guess that age varies from household to household now that I think of it, because I went on my first date at age 15, and I'm sure I wore make-up. But anyway, I was never excited about make-up. I mean...I never tried to sneak and wear it in school like Vanessa on the Cosby Show. I pretty much only wore it maybe to church, and of course prom night. It wasn't until about age 25 that i really got into the make-up game, and I must say, it's quite enjoyable. I love the fact that it allows you to be creative with your appearance, creative with your representation of self. But while some people NEED make-up and won't (probably shouldn't) leave home with out it, I'm thankful to God that I acknowledge make-up as a supplementary beauty accessory, and not an enhancement beauty necessity.

Anyway, I bought some make up yall.

Task complete!

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  1. What did you buy??? You know I'm a makeup junkie! :-)