Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Condition of Mind

I've come to find that the state of my bedroom is a clear indicator of the conditon of my mind. I haven't done laundry in well over a month. Their are clothes every where, clean and dirty, shoes that I can't wear because I can't find the mate and my bed is never made. But none of this matters as no one ever breaks the barrier of my bedroom door. The rest of my place, outside of my bedroom (at least the living room and bathroom), stay fairly presentable.

Inside my head resides a plethora of ideas, a number of tasks, an endless lifelong to-do list. I haven't had a mental purging of my thoughts in well over a month and there are a few things beginning to spoil and leave a foul smell. Good ideas and bad ideas are all tangled up in a knot that's gonna take lots of focus to separate. A number of items sit on the back burner because I can't find the mate (in this case, time) to complete the task. But does any of this matter? Only to me, because no one ever breaks the barrier of my mind. The rest of me, outside of my mind, stay fairly presentable. I smile. I hold my head up high. I walk like I'm rich and talk like I'm and Ivy League graduation...ok maybe not but, ya know. lol


  1. Do you journal. If not, you should definitely start. It helps to clear the mind. Once it's on paper, it's out of your head, no matter how jumbled.

  2. I'm late...but I like that analogy, Kidd

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