Monday, October 27, 2008

I voted early becasue Obama is "a terrorist"

This video makes me sick to my stomach. Look at the video first, then view my comments below.

1. "Do you think Barack Obama is a terrorist?"
Notice how most people avoided the question. However everyone seemed to find the question humorous.

2. "Sarah is a normal American...Barack is a seasoned politician."
Clearly this woman's head is stuck in the Bushes (pun intended) if she used this statement to back her support of McCain/Palin.

3. "You need gloves to touch him"
The words of a child barely tall enough to be seen (referring to Senator Obama). These are not words that a child makes up on her own. She has made this opinion based on the things she has heard said at home, none of which I believe have anything to do with politics.

4. "I think he was indoctrinated by the teachings of his father"
Clearly this man had his head stuck in the Bushes if he used this statement to support his claim that Senator Obama is a communist. Obama has seen his father like TWICE, ever! To this he responds, "the teachings of his father, not personally" <...crickets...>

5. "He's the Joker"
Some McCain/Palin supporters believe Barack Obama is the Joker, others think he's just a joke, but guess what people? Let's really give them something to laugh at. November 4th! (I voted early)

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  1. ugh, this is just sickening. this is why i don't like getting too involved in politics. it makes my blood boil.