Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cuddle Buddy Classifieds

How great it would be to be wrapped up in a warm body of masculinity, kept warm and held close until I fall asleep. How much more great would it be to have it be sex-free. I think the idea may be marketable, but is it reality? Opposite sexes, naturally attracted, with a sex-free cuddle routine? I doubt it. Arousel sets in with a mere thought. Throw in a taste of temptation and you've got a recipe for...well, sin (in my case). I don't trust the situation, and I don't trust my hormones. So in light of my confessed weakness, I thank God for affectionate pets!


  1. Speaking from experience, I have cuddled up with folk and not have sex...even before I took that vow; I've only cuddle with 2 folk cuddle buddy and I guess you could call the guy my "boyfriend" at that time. I try not to put myself in compromising situations often, but sometimes I just want to be held. I guess cuz I experienced cuddling waaaay before I lost my virginity.

    Now I must admit...cuddle sessions can get a bit too cuddly (it's a word today) and HANDS roam. lol But communication is key. Put it out there that nothing is going down (or he isn't going down *wink*). But if you know you don't have the self-control to not let him get lost in the sauce...then maybe cuddling with pets is a good idea then. :-)

  2. MAN, I am not a cuddler... If it is just cuddling. Even if I'm just talking to a girl, I prefer for her to be in the cowgirl position while we have intimate & personal talks. I do not have that type of self-control. When I cuddle with a girl, I always hear Lauryn Hill's sweetest thing in my head. I want to kiss necks, even kiss in the mouth and its a wrap. I don't think dudes can "just cuddle" effectively as women.