Sunday, October 19, 2008

Technology in today's church

During pastoral observations today, Pastor decided to do an altar call. Now this wasn't exactly unusual, but definately unique. Making note of the many friends and loved ones who may have had a desire to attend church (or not) but were unable - due to illnesses, employment, incarceration, etc - Pastor admonished us to conect with them, right then and there. Everyone pulled out their iPhones, Blackberry, Sidekicks, Razers, Boost Mobiles, Pick-up-and-go's, burners, and made a phone call from their seats. We got Moms, Dads, frat, sorrors, bffs, all them on our phones, brought them with us to the altar, and he prayed.

Just a few Sunday's ago, Pastor viewed all 3 services (plus Sunday school) live via the internet from his sick bed (anyone who knows my Pastor knows he aint tryna miss out on nothing that happens at the Light).

One of our sister churches has a member who is doing some work in India and views her church's services live each Sunday from the internet too.

Oh, and my church has "direct tithing" where your tithes can come directly from banking account.

Church and technology sure has come a log way huh? I'm excited about my church getting that plasma in the fellowship hall so we can watch the football games (after church of course) in high definition on Sundays while we're having our fried chicken dinners between services.

Have you guys seen any innovative technology in your churches or churched that you've visited?


  1. At AFC they do the annoucements like a news segment. It's extremely professional and high tech. I love it.

    I don't know how I feel about direct tithing or ATMs in the church or churches taking credit cards (we should be the lender not the borrower).

    But I guess if you can give your car note their money promptly, and you've committed to tithing, then I guess direct tithes aren't so bad... I guess.

  2. T, I don't participate in direct tithing. The Bible says "BRING ye all the tithes into the storehouse" (Malachi 3:10). Direct tithing is more like God TAKING his 10% as opposed to us giving cheerfully and obediently.

    As for ATMs in the church? We don't have one. I think it would be convenient, but I would never use it. I'd rather take the mile ad a half drive up the street to Walgreen's and use the ATM for free.

    Church's taking credit cards? For what? You giving God money on credit? He didn't give you life on credit? Blessings don't come on credit. On grace? maybe, but not on credit.

  3. WOW, credit cards and ATMs! What happened to the old checkbook???

    I was going to bring up that same scripture que.p It has to be done in that way. You have to bring and bring with thanksgiving in your heart. Not expecting anything in return, but thanking God that you are able to help in the coninuing buidling of his kingdom.