Friday, October 3, 2008

Unkempt Unemployment

Today as I spent 2 and a half hours at the unemployment office for something that took all of 20 minutes, I experienced the following list of things that should NOT happen at the unempoloyment office.

10. No mother should allow her 3 year old child (old enough to know better) to wonder through the office (under the rope and behind the counter). Get somewhere and SAT DOWN!
9. There should not be any one popping chewing gum.
8. The security guard should not be slumped down in his seat with his head against the wall. I'm the one who's been waiting 2 hours for my name to be called! (Addition: I went back a few days later and this guy was working security.
7. The security guard should not be gray-haired and in his 60's. I did not feel safe.
6. Men should not be trying to talk to me. You don't have a job. I don't have a job. So let's date? I think not.
5. There should not be any one cracking sunflower seeds and spitting them into her hand. Not only is it annoying, but very unsanitary. I immediately searched for hand sanitizer (to no avail).
4. There should not be more "cell phones on vibrate" signs than there are job postings.
3. The resource area should not be bare. There were signs where job postings SHOULD be, but there was nothing there.
2. The very first job opportunity I see should not be for an exotic dancer.
1. "I apologize for the wait, but we are understaffed" - The unemployment office should NOT be short staffed! All the jobless people that come in here every day and you can't find anyone qualified for the job?!


  1. 6 and 1 are too much. Hilarious!



    OK I totall agree. #1 is really the truth for real. I would be like well give me an application dork.