Thursday, October 2, 2008

"I'm Married But..."

This statement just should not exist. While in Target waiting on my male companion earlier this evening, the following conversation took place:

(Random Married Dude double takes THREE TIMES!)

Random Married Dude: I'm married cute.

Me: (puzzled look on face) ok.

RMD: I jus gotta shake ur hand. Are you married?

Me: No.

RMD: Why not?

Me: (now irritated) Because God has not brought me to that point in my life.

RMD: Well why don't you walk with me and tell me about it?

Me: You're married.

RMD: Which is great until I see somebody like you.

Me: (now disgusted) I'm waiting on some one.

RMD: Aw you wit yo boyfriend or something? (pulls at his shirt) and I'm out here looking like a bumb.

Me: You're married!!!

At this point, I'm so disgusted I don't even remember how the situation ended. What has happened to the sanctity of marriage?


  1. Some people who don't respect it...get married!

  2. I can't stand bums, especially married ones.

    WTH is I'm married but......

    The rest of the sentence should have been.. "my wife is an idiot for following through with it"