Monday, October 20, 2008

The Value of Education

I have a Bachelor's degree. I'm 7 months away from a Master's. Today I interviewed for a position today that pays $27,000. The fact that I even found myself in a position where I would considered interviewing for this position boggles me...blows my mind. Is that all my education is worth? I learned $27,000 worth knowledge from Alfrances Sharpe and Frederick Madison alone (for those of you who don't know, those were my most challenging HS teachers, the ones who gave me the hardest time, the one with which I had the most trouble, the ones I learned the most from).

Now, it's easy to blame the economy. Businesses can't afford to hire...blah blah blah. I aint tryna hear that. I've have 3 years professional work experience, WITH my degree, and Kanye aint the only college drop-out making more money than me. Am I bitter about that? Nah. Does it bother me? Slightly. But you know what keeps me going? My faith.

As a faithful tither, I have't missed a bill, a calculation that reaches far beyond my understanding of math because for the past 2 years, my monthly expenses have exceeded my monthly income. Crazy huh? Nah, it's not crazy. It's God. I dare you to try him.


  1. We've talked about this before. How can anyone ask you to be somewhere 40 hours a week in THIS economy, not paying you enough to survive. That sucks, this is the reason why I meet strippers who have degrees. No I'm not joking either. I've been to the houses, I've seen the degrees. When people try to low-ball you, I say follow the link below. Become a teacher if you can, set-up your master plan to take Joyce Kenner's job. She was never good at it anyway, In my opinion.

  2. The funny thing about money is I keep making more of it and not realizing how the heck I survived when I made less. It was God. Sometimes it was credit cards though... probably when I wasn't paying my tithes.

    I hear you girl.

  3. WOW, ok on the tithing thing.

    I was just telling someone that I can remember the 2 times that my bank account has ever gone negative. Each of those times were times where I decided to pay some bill collector instead of paying God first.

    It feels so good to know that I am not crazy and that faith in God and giving back to him what is already his is not crazy.

    I feel you girl. Keep doing it and keep the faith. I don't even have my degree yet and was tripping on a job that didn't want to give me $13 an hour when I was at a job making $17 and was truly over qualified for the position.

    All we have left is Jesus, for real.

    (I bet you didn't know I was all religious with the stuff you read on my blogs, lol. That is why i have them private. I don't want the holiest of holies in there ostracizing me after they get home from the club smoking some weed and reading my blog, LOL.

    I just like to write. I am pretty good at it. I also write spiritual stories. I am planning on writing a book about women growing in spirituality.....

    Sorry, making my own blog here, LOL