Friday, November 7, 2008

MY country 'tis of thee...

I've been thinking a lot about President-elect Obama and the task he has ahead of him. And while he won the popular vote across the States and is being celebrated all over the world, there are some HATERS who expect him to fail, so much so they are probably willing to contribute to his downfall. Just as bad are the Obama
"supporters" who maybe didn't vote, or who plan to sit back and "see what he do"

Well, for those "supporters" who were just on the bandwagon, your ride has come to an end. And if you are not really in support of the Obama administration, if your allegiance isn't truly dedicated to this sweet land of liberty, move on out the way so that we brave citizens can contribute to building on our nation's heritage - indivisibly, and under God's guidance - and let freedom ring with liberty and justice for all.

With that being said, short of inlisting in the army, what are you plans for making this nation a better county?

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  1. Well, now that the election is over and I have my weekends back I'm going to start volunteering again. I have no excuse at this point to not give back when I have so much.