Thursday, November 6, 2008

Under New Management

There is a LubePro where I'd been getting my oil changed for a little over a year. When I first started using their service, I felt the young men who worked there thought I was some bourgeois b*tch. I always got my oil changed on the clock, so I was usually in a hurry. I never wanted to get out the car. I had on business clothes. Plus I usually completed paper work or made phone calls while I was waiting. Even with my brightest, most friendly smiles (I love to smile. I smile at just about everyone), I felt I gave off this VIP aura or something. They would "yes ma'am" me, and "excuss me miss" me to death! Maybe I just LOOKED like some one important. IDK. Eventually, all that formality lightened up. Whereas it seemed they use to hate to see me coming, they began to greet me by name, with a smile, and engage in small talk with the slightest bit of flirtatious humor, all while giving me the most efficient 10-minute lube service ever (checked my air filter, tire pressure, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, etc). I loved it. And I made it my business to get there every 3,000 miles. Imagine my disappointment a few months ago when I went to get my oil change and saw that they were closed. Not for the day, but closed for business. A month or so later, I saw that they were open again, so when I went to get my oil changed today, I made it my business to get back over there, only to be further disappointed by the new management. New faces. New procedures. And a new WAIT time. I was there 30 minutes. And the disappointment was immense. While the service was friendly and throrough, I won't be going back there anymore.

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