Monday, November 10, 2008

61 - Cut my relaxed hair and go natural (whew!)

The Mission : Complete 101 pre-set tasks in 1001 days.

This task is complete, but I'm not exactly sure when. Transitioning my hair back to its natural state has been quite the task. I've had my share of bad hair days. I've experienced the frustration of straightening naps, breaking combs, and being late for meetings. But I must say, my natural hair is longer and more healthy than my relaxed hair ever was. I don't regret it one bit, even though there are times when I'm tempted to throw some no lye on it. No lie. lol. Let me also throw in that very few people have seen my hair in its natural stage in the last 6 months (that sweet Jesus for advancements is hair weave. It's so convenient. Hallelujah! LOL).

#61 - Cut my relaxed hair and go natural (whew!). Task complete!

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