Monday, November 10, 2008

6. Re-arrange my bedroom

#6 on my "101 in 1001" is to re-arrange my bedroom furniture, and with a little help, I finally got it done. I had some reservation about putting my bed in front of the window. Not because of any superstitions, but because I LOVE sunlight, and I didn't want to block any of it with my headboard. In addition, the window (a bay window) houses candles and 2 vases that I fill with my favorite flowers (peruvian lillies) from time to time. But I tried it anyway, and instead of keeping my bed and dresser on opposite walls, I put them on adjacent walls and freed up SOOOO much space in my room. So now I will be shopping for an additional piece of furniture for my bedroom, maybe a tall bookshelf or a big comfy chair, and another Annie Lee or 2 to add to my small collection.

Task complete!

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