Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Look of Education

So, while I was getting my oil changed, there was a young man, maybe 23 or 24 years old, chattin' it up with the chick who was checking my fluids and tire pressure. I couldn't see him from where I was sitting, but eventually, he joined me in the waiting area. I could tell he was waiting on me to make eye contact with him so he can get in some conversation, but I was deep into the special Obama section in today's Tribune. When he removed the hood from his head, I noticed he had a fresh hair cut. Nice lining. And a slight sparkle coming from his left ear. My car was the only car in the garage, so he wasn't a customer. And he didn't have on a LubePro jacket, but he did appear to have on "work clothes" so I took him to be a shade tree mechanic who might have been waiting for a job application or something. As soon as he got half a glimpse of eye contact he smile with much pride, and a nodding head, and said, "Obama"

Funniest thing all day. I swear. And I laughed with him. He mentioned that he considered saying it to the White boy who just left, and I proceeded to engage him in conversation on how "Black" didn't get Obama elected and "Black" is not gonna be the basis of his great leadership. But that's another blog.

Anyway, he asked me, "What college you go to?" A bit puzzled by the question, I looked down at the "Roosevelt University" hoodie I was wearing and responded, "What college DID I go to? I graduated from the U of I in Champaign, but I go to Roosevelt now." He then commenced to tell me how educated women have a certain "look" and how he could tell that I was educated. Amused, I pulled up my torn jogging pants and tied my Ones so the strings would get dirty from the rain water, and I lent him my ear.

Note: I was wearing a green hoodie. Old Air Force Ones. And old jogging pants. Jogging pants so old there was no more elastic around the ankles and the hem was ragged, torn, and cut up on each pant leg. My hair was pulled back, natural, with some mousse, giving it a curly 'fro look.

"Yeah I can tell. Cuz you 'on got no tracks hangin' all outcho head and them long fingernail. I can tell." I smiled and laughed so more. "Overall, I think you are attractive though. I think you cute." He smiled a bright smile (note the pearly whites on a dark guy, straight teeth too), I smile and thanked him, then check my email from my phone to avoid further conversation.

A couple minutes later he asked, "would I be doing too much if I asked for your number?" Flattered, but not suprised, I smiled again and responded, "It wouldn't be too much because it doesn't hurt to ask, but I'm not interested." Then he told me how he doesn't hear that much (guess he's not use to rejection). But I smiled again and told him to have a good day.

So, my fellow blog readers. In your opinion, does education have a "look"? If so, what does it look like?

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  1. I think education does have a look, a classy posture if you would. A confidence, but not arrogance that you have when you've taken the time to invest in your future.

    For the most part people can decipher a college graduate from a high school graduate, I think.