Friday, November 14, 2008

It's officially here!

Christmas has officially arrive in the home of LaSondra. I absolutely LOVE Christmas. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! Why?

10. WLIT 93.9 - They play all holiday music, all day, everyday. And I never get tired of it. Ok maybe sometimes, but it's rare. It's already started. I Love Christmas music.

9. Food - Mom puts her foot in everything she makes. I love the food.

8. Gifts. Not so much the receiving of gifts because I've always been a giver. But every child always gets that ONE gift that just makes them go crazy. I love to see the reactions.

7. Tradition. We always have family dinner on Christmas Eve. Uncle Bill and Aunt Theresa are always gonna be late, even if dinner is at one of their houses. lol. But traditionally, each family receives a candle to take home and burn at night from Christmas Eve on into Christmas day. This represents the importance of continuing to let the Light shine not just on Christmas, but at all times, remembering that Jesus is the Light of the world. I love tradition.

6. It's a holiday. And coming from a very close-knit family, holidays are always so warm and fuzzy. I love my family.

5. I love sitting around my parent's living room with my sis, aunts, uncle, granddaddy, all my cousins, and all the family friends, singing Christmas carols like we're on stage at the Chicago theater performing for a crowd of thousands. On my Dad's side of the family, EVERYBODY sings or plays an instrument, and if you don't do either, I'm ante-ing up for a DNA test. I love singing.

4. Kidd/Smith originals. Coming from a musical background, when we get together (for any holdiay) we always make up original songs. Whether it be the comical "12 Days of Christmas", or the the spiritual "Jesus is the Reason for the Season", we always have a blast writing and singing original Christmas carols (we will be heading to the studio to put our stuff on wax soon. Look for it). I love creativity.

3. Sheer entertainment. My little cousins never cease to amaze me when they perform their Christmas talents. But no one has topped Staci's suprising rendition of Aaliyah's "Rock the Boat" a while back when she was like...6? lol. I love the kiddies.

2. Granddaddy - My Granddeddy (yes I said GrandDEDDY, not GrandDADDY) turned 85 this year. He doesn't get excited about much these days, and he pretty much only lives just to see if he'll see another day. He's been this way for at least a year now.
But to see him on see the joy he has being with all his children and grandchildren around the dinner table...that's something to cherish. I love Granddeddy.

1. It's the celebration of Christ's birth! Often times, people shorten the word Christmas by taking the "Christ" out and replacing it with and X. Last year, you could walk through an entire shopping mall without seeing the word Christmas anywhere because everything said "X-mas" or Holiday. I love remembering that with out Christ, there is no CHRISTmas.

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  1. awww, i know! i'm SO excited for the holiday season. it's the one thing that makes the cold weather okay lol.